Cool Arabia is a men’s high fashion magazine featuring a mix of established and upcoming models while being an edgy men’s publication. Driven, exciting and stylish. Cool Arabia has become in Arabia in its recent existence to the boldest guide for the modern guys who have a sharp mind and a demanding lifestyle. Cool Arabia leads to the next generation of models and what’s hot in Fashion Industry, wit and insights.

Cool Arabia debuted in 2019 to provide a new platform for creatives, photographers and models from all over the world to showcase their wonderful work.

The magazine is solely focused on men’s fashion and male models, bridging the gap in a fashion industry that is still predominantly female.

Represented by BMedia Press Group, Cool Arabia is part of the Cool brand of Magazine Issues created by editor and photographer Bertrand Vergnes. Cool Singapore is the sister magazine to the main title of Cool Korea, with similar sister titles such as Cool America, Cool UK, Cool Brazil, Cool Singapore.

Based in Dubai, UAE
Check us out at https://www.facebook.com/coolarabiamagazine/