When your Passion Meets your Profession

by: Andy Anoche Cauyan

Started his career back in 2011 in the field of Journalism and carried through his passion the following year in Radio, and started working as presenter in TV and a Model of print ads in 2015. Adnan is a professional model in advertising and commercial and Presenter in major events and festivals in Turkey.

Currently, he is working as a TV News Anchor, Talk Show Presenter, and a Lifestyle Blogger on Social Media in Istanbul, Turkey.

This bright, passionate, and curious man loves what he does, and his enthusiasm for his work is just as evident off-screen as it is on.

Adnan Alderwesh, in his towering presence as TV Host, finds presenting as a useful tool for advocacy dialogue. Adnan talks to Cool Arabia Team and shares his knowledge as a Model and the impact of storytelling and presenting in all segments. Here is the excerpt for Cool Arabia readers.

Tell us a bit about yourself and your career story? 

I’m 29 years old from Libya currently living in Istanbul, Turkey where I work as a TV News Anchor and Talk Show presenter, along with events presenting. I am also a model and lifestyle blogger on social media.

What inspired you to start? What is your childhood and teenage memories about your dream to become?

In my childhood, I used to pose in the front of the cameras in many occasions, I was asking friends and family to take photos for me. And it is the reason I used dream of becoming a TV Presenter and to work in the TV networks and definitely in the modeling field.

Also I loved TV because presenters have a high level of knowledge in all subjects and they always have to be in perfect shape and at their best. These two features being in one job made it be my dream job.

What are the challenges you encountered while doing this activity and how you overcome with it?

Working in TV and modelling in commercials is not easy. Although you gain thousands of followers and fans, which make you always want to work harder for them, but you also have many critics waiting for any mistake you do, especially in our region due to many cultural beliefs and being a conservative society. It is more acceptable in our society to see women than men in advertisements and commercials.

I manage to overcome this issue by presenting the News and Talk shows professionally in my own way, and always working to look at my best in the advertisements I shoot and film.

Can you describe your diet regimen?

Definitely, the daily diet routine comes first then training and physical exercises. I am on a high-protein diet, low in fat and minimal sugars and sweets. Nevertheless, I do not deprive myself from fast food and sweets from time to time. I believe that continuity in a diet routine is more important, it is a lifestyle and not a short period diet.

Do you have your own success formula?

There is no formula or mantra for success. It is a long process and journey where you learn every day. However, to be successful, one can develop certain habits that might help achieve life goals.  Always Be Thirsty for Knowledge. Find more about Yourself, Stay Self Driven. Motivate your Surroundings, Share Knowledge. Follow your Passion that keeps you up at night and figure out life goals break them down into small milestones. Achieve self-awareness have 0 expectations & dependency. Last, but not the least have a Never Give Up attitude.

Always paying attention to your appearance and having your own lifestyle, unique outfits, and a great social life these are all taken into consideration to be a successful model.

How this lifestyle changed you as a person?

It made me appreciate the value of time, the value of being highly educated and always in continuous search for knowledge and improving yourself. I became more responsible, more organized, more pressure-bearing and always looking forward for better future.

What advice you can give to those aspiring models who are planning to do and take the same path as a model?

Look for the opportunities, break into the field you love, work on yourself, always stay in shape, and acquire new skills every day. This will set you apart from others.

What is your advice to an aspiring TV presenter?

Simply be yourself! Think about it, you will have the same camera, microphone, studio and equipment like anyone else. But the only unique factor will be YOU.

 What is your future-plan as a model? Do you have any upcoming activities please tell us.

I completed filming a TV commercial for an international hotel chain, one of the most famous luxurious hotels in Istanbul and it will be released soon.

Furthermore, I am working on creating new content for my social media platforms, and a number of new projects to be published on my social media accounts in the coming months and currently working on filming several advertisements.

What message you can give to Cool Arabia Magazine?

I am so happy for the release of the Arabic version of Cool Magazine, and glad to be part of this. I wish you more success and continuity to showcase the Arab youth at their best. Thank you Cool Arabia and thanks to all readers.

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