Uno Singco: A Fusion of Lens and Balance Sheets

by: Benlito Hobayan

Achieving our childhood dreams is not the culmination of our life journey. Sometimes it is just the beginning of a new adventure.

Armand “Uno Singco” Simpliciano had always dreamed of becoming an accountant and having his own business someday. Though his parents wanted him develop a career in the academe, this idea was fueled when he got accepted to an scholarship program but he followed his heart and eventually ventured into the world of business in the field of Accounting.

Consequently he landed a job in Saudi Arabia and developed his dream career. This is the place where our path crossed.

About 3 years ago, I came across a post of Barbie Felix in Facebook regarding a Fashion Event which he and his friends had hosted. I was browsing thru the comment section and I stumble upon his name in the exchange of comments. Seeing him being referred to as a photographer tickled my curiosity, I checked his profile and saw his works.

Being a hobbyist photographer myself, I am a little bit critical in this type of art, and I must say he was doing really great job in his pieces that I saw in his page.

Fast forward today, I was tasked to write an article for him to be featured in this magazine. To be honest, it took me a lot of time trying to compose a story about Uno. Trying to put into words the talent and endearing personality that he possesses somewhat posed a huge challenge to my writing skills. I was always out of words trying to put drama into a colorful  personality that he is.

As a writer it is easier to lay down stories that went through huge obstacles and rocky roads, which in the end overcome them all and stood mighty and proud with success.

What fascinated me much though, is that how he balances his career as a fulltime accountant and an artist, specially that in the filed of photography he chooses is probably the most intricate and demanding which is Fashion Photography.

Upon being tasked to write an article about him, the very first question that popped into my mind was that, who was he in his younger days?…. To which he answered like… Oh, I am happy go lucky type of person and love to stay outdoor rather than at home… Which probably explains his ease in balancing two demanding careers… Persons of such personality usually finds easier balance in life as they don’t overthink, they just face adversities head on find solutions without much ado.

Unlike typical artists whose intro to the art they are passionate of stems from their appreciation of the masterpieces they see. Uno’s venture into photography is much more like of a curiosity of the fancy gadgets like a having an expensive DSLR Camera. Little did he know that he has the talent in visual arts.

Upon acquiring his new gadget, he started browsing photographer portfolios and stalking photographers to learn techniques. His drive to learn new things brought him to cross paths with SonnieLanda (Kurnelius Fudge on FB) who very kind to share his talent with Uno  and mentor him in the art of Photography.

As a photographer, what sets Uno apart from the “modern” photographer is that he is less reliant on photo-editing. Though he uses digital photo enhancing software, in as much he can he try to work more on organic and raw outputs. This is probably the reason why I myself as hobbyist photographer appreciate more his works than other photographers I know here in Saudi Arabia.

Amidst of the cutthroat competition in Fashion Photography and balancing his profession as accountant, Uno had managed to publish his works successfully in countless international magazines, from Asia, Europe, Middle East and the United States. With the aid of his favorite Canon 6D with 70-200mm lens.

The beauty and emotions of a human face is what impresses him the most, that’s why his work are more concentrated in portraits and glamour shots.

Asked on what he look forward to in this craft… He just said.. “Come what may… Whatever life brings in front of me, I will just deal with it day by day and see when I crossed the bridge of fate”… This kind of personality is probably the reason why Uno Singco is successful in balancing two demanding careers. Do not overthink, enjoy the adventure, live life, love what you do and do what makes you happy…

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