Mohammad Saud – The Burgeoning Riyahd Designer

By: Eunice Castaños Domingo

High-quality, elegant and attractive three key words that define fashion according to this 37 year old burgeoning designer from the Capital City of the Kingdom Saudi Arabia, Mohammad Saud.

At a young age he dreams of becoming a TV anchor something that might have been far from what he is right now but still close enough to the limelight as he currently brags off his fashion pieces in the country.

It all started in 2011 when he came across his A-ha moment –I am a designer. But as Saud recons even years before that he was already creating outfits for himself that obviously makes others say “You are promising”. 

He said: I believe in self-instruction where I keep myself updated on the latest fashion trend, I go out shopping for what is new in store, I read on world-class designers and then think out of the box of what could possibly be my “Mohammad Saud’s creation” given the inspirations that I have gathered.

“I am self-motivated –I like to look closely on different fabrics and materials as well as pay attention to the method and execution. These things greatly affects the ideal final look that I am after.  

Saud maybe laser focus on his career but in between his busy days he also enjoys other activities like playing video games, watching movies and listening to good music. Something to actually refresh his mind and carry on.

Hurdles though are always part of the journey of which are the lack of resources such as materials and man power as well as the venue to display the masterpiece of the local designer. Saud says “I have overcome the challenges through my effort in dealing with foreign suppliers and signing contracts from huge importers only to find the quality material that I am up to. As for my creation I was fortunate to found boutiques who believe in the ability of local Saudi designers”

He continues: Designing is my hobby -I enjoy it so much. I like to keep myself in style –in trend. My personal favorites are John Galliano and Vivien Westwood. Their designs are out of ordinary both modern and bold yet changing from season-to-season. I wish I can work with them and be able to learn a lot from them in this field.

Goal set “I want to be known internationally and build my own empire” 

Though I am satisfied as to where I am right now I feel like I haven’t achieved a major milestone yet in my career. Thus I still keep my formula for success “keep it different and be passionate”. With the aid of social media of course I feel like it is a lot easier these days to be popular, vis-à-vis this opportunity that COOL Arabia gave me to introduce myself better.    

As Saud put it:  To be a fashion designer it takes a lot of time, brain storming, execution and pursuit to be the best. I learned that I have to be accurate in everything. Be precise. A lack of precision is dangerous, keep the margin for errors very small.       


 Cool Arabia would like to acknowledge Mr. Mohammad Saud’s time and effort for this interview. We are excited to hear from you again as we watch you soar-higher in the fashion industry. 

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