Jocel De Las Flores: Reeling in Style

by: Roberto M. Felix

A successful fashion designer does not only create fabulous designs but also a more successful protégé. – Jocel De Las Flores

Jocel Estandarte  De las Flores a 32 years old, Filipino citizen, born from the Sunshine Valley CALINOG, a town of rich culture and traditions from the City of LOVE Iloilo Philippines, and  currently working as a Master Florists and Fashion Designer in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for almost 6 years. He is a stage performer and dancer won several awards and recognitions. A talent coach, a visual artist, an event organizer and culture lover. Through his creations he can easily showcase his designs and gives inspiration to all of his fellow countrymen abroad and his native town.

Jocel sparked his interest in fashion at his early age, as he told, I love the power of clothing and the transformative quality of dressing up. When I was very young, maybe five years old I remember dressing up for different events at school and I took pride in having the best outfit, or at least making the biggest effort. Later when I was at high school I would make my own clothing, which fitted me very badly because I had no idea what I was doing. I made my own trousers that were way too big so I would wrap laces around my legs to make them fit – my friends saw me dressed this way. That experience also made me realize the power that clothing has, with that you can control how you are perceived and what you communicate… clothing is a language all of its own.

Philippines has traditionally known as the Capital of the World’s Festivity due to the thousands of town, city, provincial, national, and village fiestas in the country. Jocel started creating costumes and festival dresses at the age of 13. He grew up with his province grandest religious and cultural Dinagyang Festival. It is the most awarded festival in the country because of its legacy, popularity and innovation.

At the age of 18, he involved himself in the fashion industry. His design inspired by bringing the authentic patterns of different native cultures of the world with the touch of modernization and he can describe his style as THE CLASSIC MILLENNIAL, bringing the memories of the past to the new generations.

Mr. Hector Totong Gellangarin, a fashion designer, his mentor and inspiration. He teaches him a lot and he influenced him to be a good person. He remembered the advice, big letter “A” ATTITUDE towards fashion industry.

He is fully motivated to pursue his career as a fashion designer when he received a lot of appreciation and positive feedback from other people. He gained a lot of lessons and strengthen his own personality. Time management is very important to his profession as he encountered different clients, personalities and situation. Dealing with them with professional manner can fulfill their satisfaction towards his design.

For him, Fashion and style is everywhere, the only thing we need is APPRECIATION. 

He love Louis Vuitton because of the unusual design and special patterns. The brand is remarkably fabulous that suited to anyone, just like his style. “I can dress anyone because for me fashion has no limitation. My favorite part of being fashion designer is when people wears my creations and more people amazing applause with it”. He happily added.

His dream is to work with Michael Cinco, a Filipino fashion designer based in Dubai. His goal in this career is to dress people amazingly by introducing his fashion style to the world and to dress his favorite Hollywood award winning actress ANGELINA JOLIE 

Jocel joined a lot of fashion designer’s competition and he learned to be humble and be grateful. His greatest achievements is when people appreciate and satisfied towards his craft. He knew how to become more persistent. He understand the word appreciation and become more confident in everything he do.

As he shared, the best formula to become a successful fashion designer is to follow your heart and compassionate on it. Always believe in yourself, stay humble and always put God on the center of it.

Fashion is different from other fields. It’s about living from the past until now. Every day when you get dressed, you’re recreating yourself. That’s an amazing thing. Sometimes no matter how together you are, you hit a point in the season, or in your life, where none of your clothes feel right. Maybe they don’t fit, or your life has changed. When you go out and find clothes in new sizes or shapes, clothing can help you reinvent yourself. Your clothes are the tool that helps you get through those transitions. It’s why fashion continues to be viable for him.

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