Eunice Castaños Domingo: Baby Steps Towards Big Goals

by: Roberto M. Felix Jr.

Coffee or tea? a phrase that rings a bell whenever we meet a flight attendant. They are charming, cheery and always full of life humans –and this is how I got to know one of Cool Arabia’s contributing writer, Eunice Domingo. She is a self-made woman in her chosen career in hospitality rolling over from being a receptionist, cabin crew, hotelier, lounge host and restaurant supervisor. But what is even more amusing is how she juggles her life from work while staying as a dedicated mother to their 2 year old princess Portia (my pretty goddaughter). She is a working mom who is starting a beautiful life in Perth, Australia with her family just about two years ago.

I cannot believe how time flew by, I just wish to catch up on her again as we use to when she was still living in Jubail, Saudi Arabia, our Fridays then are endless. In fact, I groomed her to join the fashion industry in the Eastern Province back in 2016. It was only all for fun, just because… *laughs 

This lass has a tough body, stiff legs and worst of all a very good appetite -not your model material. But she is willing to be trained and well disciplined. Eunice joined the Fashion Runway Eastern Region and rock up different photoshoots as far as Al Khobar, Dammam and Riyadh and pulled up a part- time career in endorsing Arabic Dresses. It was an excellent move for an amateur. 

In 2018 she left Saudi Arabia for good to build a family. We then thought that her career in this industry has come to its end but voila! Cool Arabia has opened a new and exciting opportunity for her through writing. This may not be the way this model used to things like dolling up and posing infront of the camera or striding in the runway but she is instead inspiring those aspiring models, photographers, fashion designers, make-up artists and fashionistas in articles.

Every write-up Eunice does isn’t only a pastime but a labour of love. As to her; putting your heart in everything you do is the only way to make a person successful. I bid her a more thriving life ahead as high as the sky, beyond Down Under and as happy as a lark.   

 Here it goes, our chatty writer, a career woman and a loving mum & wifey. 

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