Ekaterina Rautiainen : Beyond Dreams

by: Roberto M. Felix Jr.

“Art is a reflection of our reality. Photography transmit our history”. 

Ekaterina Rautiainen, 29 years old from Russia and currently living in Dubai for 3 years. She is a professional photographer specializes in capturing portrait and fashion photos for editorial and advertising.

It was her childhood dream to become a fashion designer or to work in a fashion industry. In 2017, when she moved to Dubai with her husband, she started her business as a designer for woman’s swimwear.

Ekaterina loves to draw, sing, and travel (visited over 35 Countries for the last five years). Have a passion in dancing (pole dance and hoop). Let’s see more about her.

How would you describe your photographic style?

My favorite thing is to work in a various locations, with the goal of creating a connection between the model and the surroundings. I tend to switch between dramatic and being over the top to simplicity depending on location, clothing and intent of picture.

How did you get into a Fashion Photography?

Grew up in a small village in Russia and dreaming to live in a big city, I started practicing my photography with my friends as a subject together with filming camera. I started professionally at the age of 27. But before that I worked first with different photographers as they shoot my beachwear brand. I found it interesting that’s why one time, I bought a camera and started to learn photography and later on I am the one who made photography in my own brand collections with my own vision. Since I love photography, I decided to close my shop and focus in photography, I attended several courses and trainings.

What are the most difficult aspect of Professional Fashion Photography?

I think the biggest challenge is finding the perfect team and building a name for yourself. The team for a fashion photographer usually involves a hair and makeup artist and a stylist. There has to be absolute harmony in this group in order to benefit from each other’s creativity. The better the team works together the better the outcome.

Living in an Arab country is having a lot of limitation also, sometimes you need to get permission first in specific locations because some of the most beautiful places here are not allowed to be captured by a professional camera

Where did you get your creative inspiration?

My inspiration stems from my daily life, specially my husband, he is the great source of inspiration. His love, support and care giving me lot of reasons to motivate, energize and to have a creativity mind.  Also my friends, relatives, travels, movies, art, music having a source of influenced.  

Talking about the biggest companies and brands – what’s the coolest dream you want to work with?

My dream is to work for Givenchy, YSL, BVLGARI and TOM FORD. I’m sure I can feel them well and one day can create something beautiful.

Does social media plays a big role in your photography?

Of course yes, through social media my work is very accessible to all followers, especially when my models posted my creations. I received a lot of beautiful feedback from different people.

What advice do you have for other aspiring fashion photographers?

Everyone have their own uniqueness, do not compare yourself with others. Shoot, shoot, shoot and shoot as much as you can. The more you shoot, the more experienced you become. Experiment your own creativity, refine your different techniques or find ways of using your light creatively. It keeps your mind fresh and do what you love every day. Do it with passion and you will success on it.

What does photography imparts to you?

Photography helped me to be more kind and it open the doors with other people. I became more creative and compassionate.  It helps to see same things but from different perspective. I want to be an inspiration to others, I want to help them also to believe in their own talent and capabilities. I am hoping that in the future I can help someone and I can produce more creative photographers by sharing my knowledge in arts and fashion. 

Ekaterina’s creative works has been published in Cool Arabia Men Issue No. 1 with his model Nino Chepercovic. She is very thankful for the opportunity and looking forward to see more of her artistic work in the future specially in Cool Arabia Woman’s Edition.

 You can visit her social media  account : IG rauski_ph

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