Edward Xue: Captivating Sensuality with Elegance

by: Roberto M. Felix

Edward Xue is aFashion photographer based in UAE, Dubai. His work is well-known for its sensuality, the esthetics, elegance and the special use of light and emotional expression. The large community of fans around the world captivate by his depth of knowledge, creativity, artistry and incredibly fascinating photographic world. We are extremely excited to have a close talk to one of the most talented photographer around the world.

Please tell us to our readers about yourself, what is your background and how did you start with fashion photography, do you have a formal training?

I am a person who love fashion, design, travelling (exploring the world and to meet different people, trying different food, experience different things) hanging out with friends and cooking.

I started photography using a digital camera and always with me when I went to school, at the age of 19, I begged my dad for my first DSLR as my birthday gift.

No formal training, all are self-taught. I truly believe that self-teaching is the best way to learn. Photography is an art; it is how you interpret your thought, your passion and your ideas.

What has been your career path? How did you get being an aspiring photographer?

As I started, photography is just a hobby, I could photograph in a way that was attractive to people, something that my photograph spoke to anyone who can view. I was looking for my lens with eyes of a fly fisher, not a photographer.

Many photographers and fashion designers inspire me and seeing all those shared opinions and good feedbackthrough social media keep me inspired all the time.

Tell us about the challenging part in Fashion photography in particular.

In earlier part, I cannot afford the ideal camera or lens (I think that is the biggest challenges for most of the people who love photography)

However, that is not the real issue! Finding your own way of expressing your works with your present camera is what matters.

As a freelancer, the challenging part is when you have an idea of specific shoot and it’s hard to find a suitable model who is willing to do it. Just like, lack of sources.

Describe your photographic style. How did you develop your current style?

Well, to be honest, I never think about what kind of style my photography belongs to, as I can tell, its more about the feeling because at first I discuss to different models in different ways of presenting their self.  I would say something like a modern male photography. It could be portraits, fitness and fashion related.

Whose work has influenced you most? (Are there artists that have you inspired you and your work?)

I always come up with different ideas when I see people in social media. Their photos inspire me and I really want to have a chance to work with. I hope that one day we could make it happen.

What is your best photography tips for a good fashion shoot?

You need to understand fashion by looking at fashion magazines and fashion label campaigns. Fashion is the emotion of what you pick up from the image and it is a very broad statement. It’s a culture, art and feeling.

What do you feel the moment you are pressing the shutter release? What do you want to show to the world about being you?

I am trying to capture something for people to look at and get the same power. Behind that in my point of view while doing the shoot, no one is born as a model just like I’m not only do shoot for a models. In addition, photography is for everyone, to show your very own characteristic and beauty.

Being an experienced and professional on the field of photography, what you can share to those people planning to be in the same field. 

As I enjoyed this passion, I want to impart to them that be humble, be supportive to others, be consistent, and focus on the shoot. Always gained experiences and learnings from your previous shoot and most importantly be yourself and create your own style. Every day is a learning opportunity, keep practicing and do what makes you happy.

What motivates you in photography?

Photography is my passion and wholeheartedly embracing it. I loved what I am doing and I keep on discovering new things.

Cool Arabia is thankful and happy for the exciting interview with Edward, you can see some of his creations through his social media account.

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