Vibrant World of Beauty Messenger – ANGEL’S TOUCH by Jelmar Aragon Orig

by: Andy Anoche Cauyan

Model: Jelmar Aragon Orig
Photographer: Photography
Stylist: Roberto Felix
Designer: Faygar Reyes

We had the honor to meet Jelmar also known as “Angel”, we sat down for an interview and photoshoot – where he created one of his signature makeup looks!

Angel is truly an inspiration; his hard work, talent, and dedication shows through in everything that he does – from building his dream to following the artistic dreams and delving into professional Makeup Artistry.

Angel shares with us his educational and career journey, his career milestones, and words of wisdom to inspire your own creative dreams and career success!

Could you introduce yourself for our readers?

I am Jelmar “Angel” Aragon Orig, 37 years old, a proud Filipino Citizen hailed at the town of Pagbilao, Province of Quezon, Philippines.

How would you describe your signature look?

My preferred style is naturally glamorous. The looks I create are relatively underplayed when it comes to make up application. Skin must look flawless with features that are well-defined and sculpted, but the overall finish needs to look ultra-natural.

Aside from being a Makeup Artist, what is the other side of you?

Currently, I am working as Sales Secretary and before I embrace the makeup artistry, I was once a Belle Star Dancer, performing in one of the local Philippine TV noontimes show Alas Dose sa Trese of IBC 13. But unfortunately, it is just a short journey. Well, thank God for my talent, for making me a makeup artist, choreographer, a pageant trainer and a stylist as well, with that I finished a Vocational Course that allows me to land a job abroad. 

When and how did you get into beauty industry?

It is when the time that I helped my cousins Liezel and Cherie Ann got their Beauty Queen Title and crowns from their schools to our town’s beauty pageant. I am their makeup artist and mentor as well. After that series of victory, I decided to do the same for other beauty queen aspirants, help them to boost their confidence with my mentoring and makeup artistry.

You started working in the makeup industry over 20 years ago, how has the industry changed since you began?

When I started in makeup it was necessary to understand the traditional skills that made a make-up artist the best they could possibly be. Also, there were a lot less people who wanted a career in make up because it didn’t seem a very attractive or glamorous job.

These day, make-up artists are often celebrities in their own right, and well known for their work, so a career as a MUA now seems incredibly glamorous and is much more sought-after. I encouraged myself to push this artistry not to be famous but to help my parents in our daily expenses because I am the eldest among my siblings.

Share your thoughts on the important quality of a Makeup Artist? 

In my own opinion, the most important quality of a Makeup Artist is to be a dedicated and passionate MUA, like your heart is connected with every stroke of your brush, you feel each color mode of shimmering eyeshadows that you are applying to the beautiful eyes of your clients like you are treating your client’s face as your face, and lastly the assurance of client’s satisfaction including the professional attitude in terms of appointment and agreement.

Which element of your job do you most enjoy?

I enjoy it all. My creative career is so varied. I’m not only a MUA but I’m also a business person. I adore meeting and chatting to customers and I especially enjoy hearing back from them when they tell me how my makeup has changed their life. I love showing to my client how easy it is to look amazing.

What are your greatest achievements as a make-up artist/stylist

For me, it is not the plaque, certificate, award or the highest talent fee that makes me a great HMU achiever. With all humility, it is by helping someone to stand proud with her/himself through my makeup skills and generously share my talent for a good cause of others, then that is my greatest achievement.

Can you please share with us your formula to become a successful makeup artist?

To be a successful makeup artist, you should have an optimistic eye that can see the beauty of all creation, a creative mind that can transform sadness into happiness, and a burning heart that will let your creation shines.

What inspires you today?

My customers. I love to hear about their concerns. When it comes to colours, Mother Nature is my biggest influence. From fishes in the sea to tropical birds to plants and flowers, nature puts colours together so beautifully.

Do you have any tips or advice for aspiring make-up artists?

Stay focused specifically on the area of the industry you want to succeed in. Be nice to everyone. Put your ego to one side. Be prepared to work for free so that you can build connections as well as a portfolio.

To know more about Jelmar, follow him on his social media accounts:

Instagram: @angelmeh08


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