Ninoslav Cepercovic: A Serbian Model in DUBAI

By: James  Manzano Caliboso Barcera Amoy

“I am always for comfort first, as a living in a luxury is not something I’m familiar with. I’ve always  been modest and simple” – Ninoslav Cepercovic

Ninoslav Cepercovic, 27 years of age, born and raised in a small city of Serbia, Kraljevo. Serbian blood, this young, ambitious, buxom, and audacious economist is a such a funny, clumsy but hardworking and dedicated towards work. He is a person that bears a lot of insecurities  like everyone else. In his younger ages, he used to be told how photogenic he was every time they had a group picture. Until he was convinced by some of his friends to go for a casting when one modeling industry was looking for new faces. That’s where everything in him started.

He invaded the modeling industry when he landed a big campaign for LG G5 Phone & 360 camera. “It was amazing production, treatment in all three days of shooting”, he added.

The show went on until he found himself in thriving in the beautifully diversed and multi-cultural City of Dubai which he call then as his home. His modeling dream was started when a Middle East new Store Abercrombie & Fitch opened and brought in full-time instore models five years ago. It was the Dubai Mall Fashion Weekend which he considers as his favorite amongst in the industry as he modeled many big brands while being focused in the cameras of screen media. Besides, it was the enjoyable show that catches more his ego. When asked if it was his dream to become a model, he said “Not really, I was always shy  and really insecure so I never thought it would be possible. But here I am.”

Being based in Dubai and working in long hours doesn’t  gave him enough time to travel. He do not have outlet to deal with stress other than listening to music and streaming Netflix. During his off, he would prefer spending most of the time in the gym working out. He sometimes love beaches. His modeling career brought him to being an influencer also. According to him, being a model made him feel great but requires a great responsibility as he would have to maintain certain standards. Besides being permanent with his job, he also finds time to stun the city with all his energy doing medeling jobs and other projects. It was his dream of pursuing just one thing at a time. If ever he wouldn’t be a model, he might be a rapper now. Nino love nuts as he could have them always. Amonng the Brands he modeled, it was Versace which is his favorite.

Looking forward, this talented and personable Serbian with the personality of a true super model drempt of having his own brand or business which he would definitely bring it to fame.

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