Mundang Mucagay: Turning Passion into Action…

by: Roberto M. Felix Jr.

Being a makeup artist requires a substantial amount of dedication, but it absolutely pays off in the end. You’ll get to see new things, meet new people, and embark on new experiences, all while impacting the world around you.

Mundang Mucagay is a Hair and  Make-Up artist from Isabela, Philippines. In his young age, he set already his goal to be a doctor and he pursued his Pre-Medical course in Far Eastern University in Manila Philippines.

He is an active member of their church and love to do charitable works. He also engaging his passion to teach the young artist in nurturing their talents and uplifting their self-confidence. During his spare time, he is enjoying his precious time with his family and loves in planting flowery plants as his stress reliever.

His aunt Ms. Rosalina Soriano, a celebrity make-up artist is his inspiration. At 20’s, being a young, ambitious and full of enthusiasm he realized that he can make a difference. He begun to had his interest in watching fashion and bridal shows and pageantry. His parents, Tatang Mundo and Inang Cresing, are the source of his inspiration and strength. Someone who pushed him to fly widely beyond his limits guided by their love and advices.

His first client as make-up artist was his cousin. He started to invest the amazing make up brand to be use. During that event, he felt the happiness and he learned to be passionate on this career as he received compliments from them.

Walking on his goal, the road was not smoothly. Mundang received a numerous criticism and judgement from others. He take it positively, propelled his passion, and overcome all of the trials and be the best in his chosen endeavor. Leaving an impact on people is very essential. It is true that you will get criticism sometimes; some people will object to the way you have done something just because it does not fit their personal tastes, and that can be difficult. However, for many makeup artists, the best part of the job is seeing someone’s face light up when seeing the finished makeup for the first time. No matter what your specialty is, how famous your client is, or what you are styling for, seeing the smile on your client’s face will make all the work worth it.

Upon on his journey, he learned that a 100% dedication, blazing passion, right attitude and discipline are the qualities that most of a make-up artist should have. Be friendly and approachable. When on your job, it is essential to remain professional and that includes being both pleasant and accessible.

Mundang did not stop on what he already had, he keep himself abreast of the latest beauty trends by keeping up with the technologies and innovations when it comes to make up artistry. Attending seminars and make up trainings are also his way in gaining new knowledge and learnings.

He keep on updating to the new make-up trends and openly utilizing brand new make-up application techniques that are currently being used and/or tested. MAC, Make Up Forever, NARS LAURA MERCIER and TEMPTU AIRBRUSH are his favorite brands and considered as his babies.

His ultimate dream is to work someday with the Filipino actor Ms. Kris Aquino and Super Model Naomi Campbell.

For him, no definite formula to be a successful in this field. Just passion, dedication, character and most importantly discipline. Never be afraid to go out of the box, remain kind and humble, it bring out the goodness in your heart. He added.

Mundang learned lot of lesson in life as he continue to walk in his chosen path. From being a partygoers to a goal driven person. He want to convey a message to the younger generation who would like to have their career as same as him that never to stop their dreams. Dreams do come true as long as they own the courage, determination, passion and dedication.

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