Christina Mc Barron: Be Beautiful, Be Colorful, Be-You.

BY: Roberto Felix Jr

Make up is empowering. Makeyour conscious choice to wear make-up because it make you feel good and vibrant. It is a perfect example of self-security and confidence. – Christina Mc Barron

Christina Mc Barron originally from a small town called Donegal in North West Ireland and currently based in the Kingdom of Bahrain. 

She started working in Yves Saint Laurent (YSL) in Selfridges when she moved in London at the age of 21 and she exposed in some of various make up and skin care trainings. Fred Letailleur who was YSL’s Global Make-up artist was among her instructor together with the world’s top-notch make up guru.

Three years down the line, she transferred to Tom Ford in Harrods for career development, which made her work alongside models Kate Beckinsale, Rita Ora and Charlize Theron in her chair for various fashion week.

She try her luck to a very artistic and high quality make-up brandIllamasqua, and she undergo an intensive trainings which she considered as the most valuable lessons she learned in doing a make-up in fast and efficient manner. 

Make up trainings and tutorials are everywhere. There is so much to learn and to achieve through various experiences. She is glad to meet up with every nationality, ethnicity and skin color.The Communication and Interpersonal Skills is very essentials. She emphasized also the ability to listen to what the client wants and meet their expectations, for her it is a wonderful thing. Managing to work with tight time constraints and under pressure is challenging. These skills will achieved after having years of experience. It seems that it is a natural talent and skills onknowing what to do that brings a masterpiece of expression.Nowadays, employers and clients love HMUAs who had proper training because this means they can be trusted with their brushes and palettes. Besides appropriate learning, attending makeup school can be a fun experience. This is when she learned that the “real training is our own real life”.

When she reminisce the day that she want to pursue this career, one of the reasons why she got into makeup was because she love the confidence that it can bringto her personally and then having the courage to take her life in a completely different direction.

Christina’s make-up has the ability to transform not only your appearance but also your mood. She love to see women feeling strong and confident in themselves.It is also an Art.Achieving their right feeling, their happiness and satisfaction.

For her, make up is always a personal choice. Since not every women should wear this as always. Although it can help to hide those skin imperfections, it is really about enhancing the natural beauty. It can highlight your favorite features and showing your creativity.

Looking back the time the she struggling with her own anxiety, she consider randomly and take the opportunity to fly in Bahrain and to be a freelance makeup artist. Carrying all her baggage of experiences and knowledge in make-up artistry. For her it was daunting but she knew that she had the talent, training background, courage,willpower and confidence that she needs in believing to herself and her capabilities.

As she noticed, often as women they can speak negatively to themselves. About their weaknesses, their fears and doubting their abilities. Christina felt the same but she used all of these to conquer and turn it in a positive way. She keep her head high and pushing herself in pursuing her dreams. You only live once; life is so short and make it to the fullest. Remembering her mother advised, “Nothing ventured nothing gained”.

Currently, Christina is working as freelance make-up artist in Bahrain. Most women are very satisfied in her service because they are not obliged to leave their home and visit to beauty salon. The power of social media can connect two person with great conversations. It is also a powerful platform to showcase all of her creations and speak for her talent and capabilities.She love all her clients and always aiming to give them a stress free services as possible.

In Bahrain, she is so thankful that she met most wonderful, inspiring and kindest people and it is great pleasure for her being part of their special day.

As part of her passion in this career, she also conductedone-on-one makeup lessons and tutorials to those women who wants to learn in applying their own make up. It’s very rewarding for her and it really gives her a sense of purpose in guiding those people in the right direction embracing the beauty and providing techniques with simple straight forward advice that they can actually use in the comfort of their own home. 

Aside from makeup, she is a health conscious too;she loves to go to the gym to stay healthy and fit. For her, educating yourself about what you eat and how it affects the environment is so important and she think our duty to sustain our home. 

In one point of her life, sheundergo a training workshop as an actor in Ireland for 3 years and studied the English language at the Dublin Institute of Technology. The arts is already in her, it is her huge passion and she think it all goes hand in hand. 

HudaKattan, the founder of Huda Beauty is a big inspiration to her. Came from humble backgrounds just like her and has made such a huge impact on the makeup world. She is a successfulbusinesswomen and one of the “Ten Most Powerful Influencers in the World of Beauty and she’s hoping to emulate her success. She was lucky enough to meet the very lovely Huda in Harrods London.

Fatima Al-Ghawi, Rihanna Makeup and Fatema Al-Muhana. Are some of the influential beauty gurus from the Middle East that constantly inspire her.

For Christina, her goal are constantly changing, as her life is keep moving. To keep believing herself, life perfection is impossible and just strive to do all her best to fulfill all her potentials. She is very fascinate to learn and do something new and put her passion on it. Because she knew, that time will come in her life that there is no regret for the things that she didn’t do rather than the one that she did. She highlighted that her greatest competitor is herself because through this she still a winner by becoming better to her craft and doing all her best.

Makeup artistry is a career that not everyone is brave enough to take. It is generally a rough path at the beginning, but Christina probably have a strength to face and overcome all the trials that she encountered. There is enough opportunity for everyone wherever you may be situated. It is possible for you to become a remarkable makeup artist, if you just put your heart into it.

Self-expression. Believe and express who you truly are through the power of makeup. Be bold, be daring and above all, be yourself.

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