Bin Ali: Bringing You the Elements of Style

by: Roberto M. Felix Jr

Self-reliant, creative fashion and beauty photographer, fashion designer and stylist that is Muiayad Ali Al-Mughairi form Muscat, Oman.

He started his career in photography business back in 2013 for him Photography is not just your camera and its lens does, it involves creativity of the person or object captured in limelight. He like the photography and capturing a moment in another world, filled with its own character and settings. Art and fashion is his another interest, the love and passion into this craft bring him to another successful platform in his career as a fashion designer. His creations spread rapidly into the world of fashion in Dubai and in Doha Qatar wherein he worked with different brands and brilliant celebrities, most of his friends and customers called him under the name of “BIN ALI”.

Being a fashion designer was his greatest desire when he was a kid. The colors and creative ideas became playful to his mind. His family supported him in his chosen career that is why he exerted more efforts to excel on it and add a lot of courage to fulfill on this craft.

Fashion and styling is his passion. In 2017, he started his clothing fashion line, which became more challenging to him. He started to find popular clothing styles, color and fabrics. Through this, it helps him a lot to express and execute all the creative ideas from his imagination into a reality. Putting story in all his creations is very important since he created something new.

Kenzo is the clothing line most admired by Bin Ali, simply because they always bringing a new style and creative pieces. Versace, Tomford, Mont Blanc and so on are the clothing brand which been invited him for some of their events in launching their new brands and styles.

Fashion Designing, Styling and photography makes him advanced and put him as a good influencer to others. Through this, he can easily promote his brand and showing to the people what is new in his creations. He like to break the ice and do things out of the box with some risk and creativity. Mixing materials with different fabrics is one of his expertise and from this, he create things from something new.  

The Futuristic Soul is his sporty chic collections, which he highlight the mixing of sports and high fashion street style with plastic fabrics. A mixture between the past and contemporary style. Boosting his personality through this style he is planning to set up one-day chain of uber-trendy gyms incorporating a fashion boutique and having his own luxe sportswear design.

Today, his brand Bin Ali are already purchasable in the market around GCC and in Best Arabian Omani Designers. He have a future dreams to expand and to be one of the most famous designer in Oman and in Arab culture. He is aiming to place his creations into high level of fashion and his planning to attend courses, which enhances more of his knowledge in designing.

Being in this industry is not an easy as most of the people think. Sometimes it is too complicated because you have always a biggest fear about the expectation of the people since fashion is the things, which changes rapidly. However, if you care to keep a professional perspective, fashion design has a lot of opportunity that you have to reach out for, by meeting the challenges with passion, perseverance and hard work.

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