Behind the Scenes with David Anthony

by: Roberto Felix Jr.

“Being a fashion photographer is about creativity, vibrant, fun, and taking risks. It’s what brings us all together in society to know each other’s different sense of style”. – David Anthony Villalva.

David Anthony Villalva is a  Mexican-American Photographer, born and raised in Los Angeles, currently living in Inglewood, CA. His personality speaks for itself, along with his photographs. Living through the world of fashion and his experience has made him love fashion even more. For him, who would thought to this day fashion would be complementing our personalities.The colors we choose to describe our mood, the patterns we wear to compliment the shapes of our bodies, and the fun we have by showing our personality to the world that fashion is not just a trend, but an emotion.

Everyone from ages 18-34 both men and women are his target audience. Since most of them are millennials which is a great thing. Keeping them around is great, because they can see what trends are still going on in today’s fashion. Staying on top of the trends is fun, and it will let his audience have a good sense of what’s on today’s fashion.

Among with the top fashion brands, Moschino is his top favorite, because of the different vibrant styles they have. It’s a fun clothing brand! Versace is his other top favorites because of its high fashion, bold, rich, and powerful. Everything is dripping in luxury when you wear Versace, he added. Chanel is another one of his favorite! Expensive taste describes his personality as well. He’s not sure why, but loving the finer things in life more.

Getting him into fashion took a while. As he remember, his photography career began in 2010 at the age of 18 when heattended Santa Monica College and took an intro photography course. Financial aid helped him with his tuition, and he decided to purchase his very first professional camera, which was a Canon Rebel XS. Photography class was great even though his grade was a C. The photography information from the course was synced into his brain and he decided to take photography on a more professional level. It was then when the Art Institute came around and decided to do photography professionally. 5+ years He’s been doing photography professionally and he is glad that he is able to show to everyone about his passion for fashion. He emphasize that “you need to trust yourself first and you then have the faith that your pictures will speak to the write people”. 

Fashion speaks to him on so many levels. There are other creative fields, but fashion just speaks to himloudly. Waking up in the morning and trying on different outfits for different occasions is fun to him. He accentuated that experimenting with clothes and coming up with different color schemes to make your outfit compliment more is also fun. More than self-expression, fashion is a mean of self-empowerment and confidence.

His goal is to build his own studio and have it in multiple locations, so other creatives can rent out his studio and just to create their amazing photographs. Each room will have a unique style that describes his personality. Building a team would be his absolute dream, because the photographs will come out ten times better when someone is helping with your vision. For him, creating his own agency would be nice as well, because handling multiple personalities does not phase him whatsoever, and his always up for a task to help people follow their dreams.

Building a loyal fellowship is easy for David. As he highlighted,“seeing other creatives who have the same interests are golden. Each person has a different style, but they’re after for one thing and that’s success. You’re building a relationship with each other, because you have the same interests in photography”.

Sean O’Pry is one of the models who inspire him the most. The different personalities he gives in front of the camera is beyond amazing! It would be an absolute dream to photograph Sean O’Pry, together they can create amazing fashion shots. Another model that captures his attention is Anwar Hadid. His personality is more relaxing, very chill, and he don’t care attitude. He has an edgy, high fashion, and vintage look that the he cannot resist. Lastly, David Beckham is another model who he would like to work with. As per him, he has that boss type of look that people just love! It captured his attention and hoping that one day his attitude will change for the better, because in time he will surely evolve in a positive way! For him, David Beckham gives that evolution of growth and positive change in his life, and it gives him hope that he will see that growth in himand probably in his life.

The Photographer that inspires him is Terry Richardson; something about his white wall shots just drives him into his work. What drew him constantly into his work is the communication that the model and photographer have. He observed that it makes the model comfortable and it brings out the model’s personality. Terry Richardson let’s his models be themselves, and just breaks out the model mode, and brings in the model’s personality, and being yourself in front of the camera is authentic in his book. Tony Duran is another one of his favorites, because he is always searching for creativity. His style of photographs is beyond amazing, especially how he captures his male models. He brings out the weird in all of his models and just creates an amazing editorial out of it. It’s authentic and it draws your attention.

Fashion Photography is a genre of photography which photograph the image of being “glamorous”, “stylist”, “fun’ and even “lucrative”. Take note, however, that not all photographers can be fashion photographers. And this is for the simple reason that not all photographers have enough skill, connections, “eye” and – while this may sound rather odd for many – patience to last as a fashion photographer.

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