The Surgeon: The Art of the Possible

By: Roberto Felix Jr.

The role of the Cosmetic/Facial Doctor is first to support and to build or recuperate the patient self-esteem and body self-image. We are here to create normalcy, proportionality and improve the patient’s self-confidencewhich is the most important ingredient for quality life and its success. – Ahmed Belghith

Ahmed Belghith is a Tunisian and currently practicing as a Cosmetic Surgeon in Saudi Arabia. In his early age, his interest focuses in everything artistic and tasteful such as music, dancing, shows, exhibitions, painting, fashion, styling, decorating. He was known as tasteful person and he always enjoyed helping his family and friends in their style and look. During this time, he was very conscious on his body that’s why he regularly visit the gym for his body work out and routines since he’s having an overweight size during his childhood and he’s afraid to get that size back again.

Since he was a child, being a doctor is his greatest dream. Also it was his parents and grandparents prayed for. He was the first doctor in the family. Since in Tunasia, attempting medical study is not easy, fortunately, he studied in a brilliant school and he did well and accomplished excellently in his study. He was fully motivated and supported by his dearly mother in all of his dreams and fields in his life, even in his work, the love and guidance of his mother is present, that’s why he grew up very close and he considered all the opinions and advices coming from her. He was very determined to become a doctor to help people, to save lives, to do surgery every day and to become a successful and well known doctor.

He chose to be in this profession because of the huge happiness and satisfaction he sees and feel with every smile and compliments of all his patients. Making them all beautiful and comfortable in their looks makes him feel glad and gives more strength and more determined to progress and to provide the newest trends in cosmetics and to be the best in this. He truly inspired by Julian McMahon , for Ahmed, It’s not for fun, it’s true. He was very addicted to the serial « nip tuck »and he was a big fun of the doctor Christian Troy. As he was a handsome cosmetic doctor, which taking too much care about his look and helping people to become more beautiful in their appearance and more confident and powerful in their life. This personality became his idol and he wanted very strongly to get all these qualities.

He landed in Saudi Arabia to work professionally, and he strongly agreed that Saudi Arabia become more open and whole-heartedly accepted to undergo any cosmetic surgery. For him, the face is the first mirror of every person and it play the most important role both men and women becoming more confident individuals.

In practicing his profession, Ahmed shared about the different patients that he encountered. For him there are two varieties of patients, the patients who just want to repair, to camouflage and to prevent the aging signs. These are the more reasonable patients. The other patients are those who want to change to become more “beautiful “ and more attractive, the complaint here is not always reasonable and the doctor should convince the patient to do only what is needed. He refused too many times to do what he was asked to do, and sometimes he changed the plan too. Many patients asked for something not really needed and weren’t aware about what they really need to enhance their beauty. He just advised his patients don’t be exaggerated and don’t be addicted and don’t be fake. They just always listen to their doctor’s advice. They are all professionals and they knows what really need and what is not a really necessary for them. They just need to trust their doctor sometimes doctor refuses to do any procedure especially when it is not needed. He appealed to them to give a full trust and loyalty.

Ahmed wants to give his kind advice to those who want to pursue the same career. The first thing is, they must to love what they do. It is not only about the medical knowledge, they should be artistic and talented and have a great mind. Second is, be always ready to learn something new, to change the old practice and to have a progress to their self and profession. Don’t be closed and addicted to one technique, don’t be materialistic, it’s too much more important to get the trust of your patients than getting money.

Today, Cosmetic doctors are available everywhere.

Ahmed personally consider that the success of a cosmetic doctor requires not only medical knowledge and updates (which is particularly important in this speciality). He added that the cosmetic doctor should have an artistic eye.

The first step is always showing the pre-existing qualities, then proposing the additional. The doctor should always select the good words and speech. For example, in the way that how to tell a patient that he needs eyebrows lift, he should say « you have beautiful and big eyes but it will be more shown if we do a lift for your eyebrows » instead of « you need to do eyebrows lift »

Some of you will think that it’s a marketing strategy. But in fact, it’s a good way to recuperate partially the self-confidence and especially to explain that they are doing an additional not a miraculous transformation.

Cosmetic doctor should be able to imagine and to draw virtually, an artistic hand able to sculpt and to create beauty, an attentive and very patience ear which be able to listen until the end, a big and open heart which able to contain and to attract unnumbered unknown people every day and always ready to make easily new friendships. He should may refer the patient for counselling before surgery if they believe there is underlying problem that cannot be solved by the surgery or if the patient shows signs of Body Dysmorphic Disorder (BDD).

The relationship between the doctor and the patient here is very particular and delicate. First because the « cosmetic patient » isn’t really a patient. It’s in general a healthy person asking to become more beautiful, more attractive and younger. The context of hesitation, under estimation of his self, social and relational consequences is usually present.

The role of the Cosmetic/Facial Doctor is first to support and to build or recuperate the patient self-esteem and body self-image. We are here to create normalcy, proportionality and improve the patient’s self-confidence which is the most important ingredient for quality life and its success.

Of course, to let someone working on your face isn’t an easy decision and it shows a lot of trust that the doctor should preserve and enlarge.

Cosmetic Surgery can bring many practical benefits for patients and it is largely a personal decision and the benefits are much greater than the public may recognize. One of the main reason is to improve their image and improves mental and physical health. People who feel attractive are happierand if one particular feature in their body stands in the way of feeling attractive, cosmetic surgery can help. By improving their image, many people are able to find increased confidence and a healthier lifestyle certainly a benefit for anyone as it improves quality of life and life expectancy.

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