Behind the Atelier

Fashion is personal, you can wear all the classy and fabulous clothes but most importantly you’ve got to have a good spirit on the inside. Your style is the reflection of being who you are. – Faygar C. Reyes

Faygar C. Reyes (born May 19, 1976 in Zamboanga City, Philippines) is a Filipino Fashion Designer in Al -Khobar, Saudi Arabia. Locally established in the Eastern Region of the Kingdom, he launched “Tawakeya” or Signature Fashion in Al-Khobar known for Bridal, Custom-made and ready to wear Atelier. Reyes started his apprenticeship with the Dean of the Philippine Fashion Ben Farrales in Manila. In 2001, he started designing for Emparatura Bridal Shop. Furthermore, he joined the Famous Lebanese Designer Akl Fakih in Dubai.

It has always been his pleasure and passion to serve and showcase to the world his creations in fashion. Whether it’s a Luxurious high-end Bridal gown, a month-long handcrafted engagement dress or simply the ever-changing, ready to wear collection for the season. Accordingly, communication is vital in sharing the arts or the functional clothing. He believes that in disseminating information, you educate people. You create awareness that eventually, will lead to interest.

As much as he is open to everyone who is interested in Fashion, there are special few who truly understands and appreciates the arts in fashion. For some, it’s like collecting a masterpiece. For others, a social status or a prestigious statement. In general, those who can relate to the concept without any undermining barriers are his favorite audience.

John Galliano is an all-time favorite Designer. His ability to draw an inspiration from nothing to something is fascinating and endless! People always associate designers with brand and luxury label. But there’s more to it than the intricacy. We have lots of local designers who are enriched with aesthetics but not necessarily known.

He started his “journey” with fashion at a tender age of 8. Immersed with watching Style with Elsa Klensch every Saturday afternoon, his interest was a global standard. From the vibrant colors of Gianfranco Ferre’ , the seamless jackets of Coco Chanel, the Red tones of Valentino, the rock and roll details of Versace down to the 80’s Masterpiece classic of Renato Balestra, Name it , the schooler knew long before a formal education in fashion.

In fact, there was never a formal education at all, it came to him as natural as the oxygen and the sunlight.

He considers fashion as more of a “SHE”, significant human experience rather than just a mere bodily covering. Every race, every culture, every region and religion have managed to identify itself with their own clothing. Regardless whether it’s a traditional costume, a day wear or even a religious festival outfit. People from around the world identify themselves with what they wear to a certain degree.

We saw how man evolved his clothing from pre-historic age, to the Elaborate Medieval Period, the hippies of the 60’s and the cross-over millennials!

Clothing is a way of life. Fashion is the remarkable time aspect of clothing. Style is the personal flare of an individual’s interpretation of fashion. That’s how interesting it is.

Our goal is always to established internationally. To gradually uplift and enhance our platform that is marketable around the globe crossing the finest continents. Whether it’s promoting a person, a product or simply a fashion update, it’s the uprising spirit that really matters in the goal-attainment process.

He personally believes that a common passion will eventually lead to a genuine fellowship that will outdo the bested interest of an individual. As much as we know our personal limits and how much more we can do, a mutual understanding is equally essential to sustain a genuine fellowship.

His personal Fashion Icon is the Editrix of Vogue USA Anna Wintour. She is like the Pope of Fashion. She dictates the ever-changing trends and style in the industry. She is ever-supporting with Young designers, fashion entrepreneurs, photographer and stylists to mention some. His personal Style is a reflection of how fashion can ascend beyond time. Princess Diana is also his favorite, the epitome of the classic 80’s. Madonna is the Queen of reinvention, no one can deny! Audrey Hepburn Will always be the glorious Silver -screen of Hollywood. Linda Evangelista and Naomi Campbell are legendary Supermodels. The Millennial icons belong to Kendall Jenner, the Hadid sisters and Nicky Minaj. Male icons are David Gandy, Prince William, David Beckham, Hugh Jackman, Pharell Williams, Sheikh Hamdan a.k.a Fazza and Rupaul.

Faygar absolutely have an eye for a detail, he knew about the garment as well as the elements that make it unique such as color and fabrics. He has a great deal of creativity and great sense of style which are constantly coming up with new ideas in fashion.  He has an ability to get along well with a variety of personality types since a number of people are involve in the creation of garment hence he communicate to everyone effectively on what he expect and specially in dealing his clients.

Finally, he gave his advised to all aspiring fashion designer to love what they do and have a confidence. If you are lacking in confidence, your clients will lack in confidence in you. Don’t try to fake it but build this confidence by asking criticism, thinking logically about the decisions, being brutally honest with yourself about your design decision and working really hard.

Fashion and style are similar to beauty, both make the user feel more beautiful and aesthetically pleasing. It is also a language, it helps us communicate with each other in a most creative way.

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