“Art is a diversion, an inspiration, and a motivation…”

“Be it in ART, or in any other fields, careers or any form of life’s undertakings, it is all about making the most out of strengths, talents, skills, capabilities and creativeness. In that way, you are constantly maximizing your potentials and that you are living your life to the fullest, giving your best in everything that you do.” – Wagner Tan 

As some of us maybe fascinated with art, and the certain sight of the beauty, intricacy, and hard work of any artwork that’s visually captivating, these are artworks, specially portraitures, which truly captures our sights and attentions.

Diversity us from reality to other forms of realisms in such wonderful, amazing ways oh how individual could create such an exemplary artwork, of how an individual could use so much raw talent and imagination to produce such an extraordinary outcome.

This certain individual, an artist, WAGNER TAN believes that the art is a diversion, and always an inspiration in his life. A Filipino artist, at 42, he recalls his childhood years and how his art has become an inevitable part of his life, how art has greatly motivated him to be where he is right now. He may think that it was queer that most children indulge on the playground, he spent most of his time on a paper and while most children usually hold a toys in their hands, his source of happiness was when he had a pencils and colored pens in his hands, drawing, sketching just about anything that inspired him. He may think, it was a hobby that he loved, and that he believed that it has been innate in him, a talent that made him push to develop more.

During his growing up years at school, he had been doing well with his academics, but he continued his passion for art all along. During his College years, due to life’s circumstances, it was his disappointment that his parents could not even afford to let him into any art school. Instead, he conventionally took a course in the Sciences, which was ironic and not related to the Arts, but fortunately he successfully completed his college course in the Sciences, just so, to have a complete education.

After completing College, he decided that he had to make significant turning point in his life and focused his directions towards his belief that one has to really go for his sincerest dreams in life. It was a struggle at the start, but believing in his talents and abilities, he persisted to go on, despite the long and rough road with so much challenges and obstacles. Gradually, his works had been recognized, for he has truly believed that if one passionate with his chosen career, he will most probably succeed in the end.

Eventually, all his sacrifices and hard works rewarded him with success in his chosen career. He, then proudly tells his own stories and beliefs in life. According to Wagner, “Art is my first love; I love what I’m doing, so I find fulfillment and success on it. Each of us has its own unique skill/talent, this has been my one treasure that God’s given to me which I must take care of”. And he added “When you have a certain ability, you must further nurture and develop that, to you to discover more unknown abilities within yourself.”

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